Ann Gilloon was born late August of 1985 in a small town in north Texas that grew up just as rapidly as she did. Moving from rural and relaxed Whitewright, Tx to the rapidly growing McKinney, Tx, her parents were sure to instill a sense of appreciation for everything the world had to offer- be it music, friends, science, laughter, art, wildlife, food, the stars and anything beyond. With parents from mid America, Missouri and Iowa, she and her family grew together with a passion and connection to the earth, an appreciation for everything the world had to offer, fascination for the diverse and wide array of all the beings that coexist, and an eye cultivated to see the beauty in these things. Ann’s enthrallment and general intrigue in the natural world and the human beings that inhabit it are what inspire the artist to this day.

When her art teacher at McKinney High School had her work entered and successfully selected to be displayed for a youth art show at the state capitol, it encouraged her to begin her major in fine art with confidence starting at Louisiana Tech University. She would begin including the use of print and further developments into 3D interests at Collin County Community College. In her final academic move, she would come to earn her BFA at the University of Texas in Arlington with a concentration in painting. Ann primarily works with acrylic and watercolor paint and also enjoys mixing a wide array of varied media to create dense, rich layers. She has a deep interest in color and its use in personifying emotion and connections to the world around us.

She continues to explore all medias and is beginning to incorporate light and more structural elements into her work. Ann enjoyed teaching art intermittently and now looks to further explore her ideas in her work that will relate to humanity and the connections and emotions we experience through each other and our world. Ann has shown work in selected local businesses and events, selected exhibits with the collective eARTh, with F6 art in the park exhibit, in conjunction with Ironic Ink, at the Agora Borealis, and is enjoyed by private collectors.